Walk This Way

When it comes to business meetings, most of us either love them or hate them. Whether welcomed or dreaded, these get-togethers give everyone the opportunity to discuss important events, current projects and a myriad of other company related topics. The next time you’ve got a scheduled discussion, instead of automatically heading for the nearest conference room, why not try a walking meeting? According to an article by Laura Montini on inc.com, Yes, Walking Meetings Can Actually Be Productive, creative output during walks can increase as much as 60 percent, per the findings of Santa Clara University’s Marily Oppezzo and Stanford Graduate School of Education’s Daniel Schwartz.
The benefits of walking meetings are numerous. Here are our top three reasons to ditch the swivel chairs and make for the great outdoors, weather-permitting:
1. Exercise. Sitting for eight hours or more five days a week can zap the energy of even the fittest person. A walking meeting gives everyone the chance to stretch their legs and improve overall circulation.
2. Less formal. Although it’s possible to think on your feet anywhere, thoughts seem to flow more freely when you’re not neatly assembled around a giant table. Opportunities for brainstorming and spontaneity abound when you’re removed from the staid, artificially lit environment.
3. Change of scenery. What could be more inspiring than taking in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature as you discuss the topic at hand? Being outdoors keeps your perspective fresh and your mind alert.
At Auqeo!, we’re big fans of the walking meeting. They revive us mentally and physically, promote creative thinking and increase productivity. Learn more about our company culture and at www.auqeo.net.

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