A Way with Words

As a B2B blogger, I constantly scour the Web for attention-grabbing sales topics which relate to Auqeo! One of the best resources for said topics comes in the form of professional business writers who know the space well and regularly provide a cornucopia of useful information and suggestions. Here’s a shout out to my two favorites: Kevin Daum and Geoffrey James.
In 1986, while I was busy finishing high school, Kevin Daum received his college degree in theatre arts from Humboldt State University. From business founder to author, Daum’s multiple achievements speak for themselves. Now a regular columnist with Inc.com, I always look forward to his professional tips with a generous helping of wit on the side. In a recent article entitled “6 Ways to Create a Happier Week,” Daum highlights the rewards of reorganizing, learning new material and finishing an imposing assignment. He finishes by telling readers to do something nice for themselves, like having lunch with a coworker. How can you not like that advice? It’s the perfect mixture of work and play.
Then there’s author/journalist/freelance writer Geoffrey James, also of Inc.com, whose direct delivery is spot-on. He refreshingly tells it like it is without drama or fanfare; do this; expect that—it’s that simple. I especially enjoyed his post “8 Easy Ways to Embrace Change,” which explained how to painlessly adapt to workplace change. As a creature of habit, I found his list particularly instructive.
I still remember the day our company president sent me a post from Kevin Daum. I was immediately entranced with his writing style and content choices; ditto with Geoffrey James. A whole new world of B2B terminology opened up when I was sucked into the Inc.com vortex.
Having been a B2C writer for many years, transitioning to the B2B lingo had its challenges. I happily credit Daum and James with being my virtual business mentors and getting me over the B2C hump to fearlessly swim in B2B waters. We’ve never met and likely won’t, but just knowing that they’re but a click away, churning out excellent copy, makes me smile.
Whether embracing change or creating a happier week at the office, we at Auqeo! work diligently to take your business to the next level through a combination of sales, services and strategic solutions. Our custom-created plans result in your long-term profitability. Learn more about us at www.auqeo.net.

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